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This is my fan art/trade section for Lunatic Chaos. This is where I post pics which various artists, fans, etc. have made for L.C. I will try to update this as often as possible.... as soon as I get more fan art.... ^_^;


This pic was done by Leo. Awesome artist and comic writer. This is his part of the trade I made with him for his comic, Alpha Luna. If you want to check out his works, here's the link: .

This pic is done by Dono-Konekos-pup, AKA Were Dono. Very cool artist known on dA and the AL forums. This is her pic of Jen in an aggrivated mood for having to transform again. :D

This funny short comic strip is done by DimensionWolf. Another cool artist who likes wolves. :)

This one is actually an edit done by one of my friends, MegafighterX. He tends to make jokes about the comic, and I think that this comic could use a few more. :D

Wraith60 from dA is the artist for this pic. I really think his style is awesome and unique. It's always a pleasure to see some new works from him.

This was from Sukoi. She decided to give it a shot to color a page and help me realize that there is a way to color it and make it look good. I have to hand it to her, I like it. I may end up coloring this.... if I ever have the time.... Anyways, coloring credits go to Sukoi for this page!

This pic is by a good pal of mine on dA, KyubiVash. He seems to be a pretty cool guy and enjoys all the latest in anime, games, etc. Anyways, here is his fanart. :)

This amazing pic was done by Dustin S. Laplanto (AKA: Joseph). This comic artist has a lot going for him. Amazing style, amazing artistic skills, everything is traditional, has actually been to comic-cons... A whole lot more than what I've been doing. He's planning his own comic series as well. I know for sure that once he gets started that many of us will probably end up enjoying his work.

This nice looking sketch was done by Rogue_Coyote89 on dA. Awesome artist I think and a cool anime fan. :D

This pic was done by my hun LustfulOfSin (AKA: Claudy). A really nice and funny pic of her character stalking Jack. I guess he is now a "Bishie." ^^; Check her out at either or .

This pic was done as a fanart by jadewitch. Really thankful for this fanart and I really appreciate that the artist is supportive of the comic. :3


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