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This page contains links to other sites that belong to friends, other artists, tutorial sites, etc. Anyways, if you want to link to my site I would gladly appreciate it and all. If you do, please use either one of these banners and email me at if you want to make a link exchange.



Comic Sites:

Chaotic Sanity is my hunnybun's new comic! Looks to be real promising. Worth a look for sure. :3 And should you not..... you will all DIE!!!! j/k. ^^;
Alpha Luna. Very good werewolf comic with some very awesome art. A must see. :D
Steve and Mac follows the misadventures of one Steve and one Mac, the latter of which is the more idiotic, trouble-causing of the duo. Seems to be quite a funny comic. :)
Logo is a comic about a bunch of teens going around doing graffiti art, sculpture, painting, etc who live together in an art school. I still need to read it, but so far it looks very nice.
Concession seems to be a rather good random comic. Each strip has it's own topic and such. Worth checking out.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket is a furry comic that seems to be pretty good with a sense of humor in it. Its worth checking out if you have time. Some good stuff here.


Comic Lists:

The Webcomic List is probably my favorite comic listing site so far. Has a great variety of different comics; most of which that can keep your interest for quite some time. is a comic listing where instead of voting for comics you add them to your favorites. Has a very good selection it seems. is a comic list site that I just recently registered for. Seems like a good site. Check it out.
Belfry seems to be a good comic listing in which you subscribe to comics to give it support. The majority seems to be furry comics.


Tutorial Sites:

PolyKarbon is pretty much where I started off when learning about how to sketch and mesh out characters. This site teaches the basics of drawing characters as well as a few photoshop techniques. is a very cool and good tutorial site for anyone trying to learn something new for photoshop. Also contains tons of anime stuff.
deviantART dA Is filled with countless pictures and tutorials. A very good site for both learning some new drawing techniques and having other evaluate and critique your work.


Misc. Sites:

Hip Hop Culture - Mixtapes, Monster Paint, Spray Paints & Graffiti Supplies 004Connec have large collection of Mixtapes, spray paint, monster spray paint, On the run markers & huge variety of graffiti supplies. 004 is dedicated to filling a gap that exists in the hip hop culture.

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