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Since I need an area for the book shop, but don't think I have enough of a selection to make a separate page, here is a little section where you can purchase the books at!


Issue #1: $7.95 ------------------------------ [Buy it here]

Issue #2: $7.95 ------------------------------ [Buy it here]

Artwork of Barrin Book: $40.00 ------------- [Buy it here]


...... Adigga......adigga.......adiggadigga......adigga............diggitydiggitydiggitydiggitydiggitydiggitydiggitydiggity- DELETED!!!!!

Due to the recent BS that has been occurring on the shoutbox, I found that it was simpler to just delete it. In fact, with everyone pushing me around on there, trying to "command me" to come up with a new page (god knows I don't have a life other than working on my comic. Nono! Its not like I have a job, or am about to start school with 13 hour days this semester, or have to be the cook and maid for my household and have to stay up from 5 AM to midnight to work on everything. Noooo... I don't have any excuse to miss an update, do I?), its a wonder that I have such a need to continue this comic. However, fear not! There will be a new page today! The best page I have done up to this point! So, for those of you who are so aggressive and trying to push me around like the little maggot I am, I shall update today! Keep an eye out for it! :P

I added a tiny little section for my shop here on the front page to help me with my book sales. I'll make a separate webpage for it later when I produce enough books. Anyways, Issue #3 is underway for development! Yay! I think... I should be able to produce a bit more with this style than my previous ones. But don't quote me on that yet. I still have a lot of commissions to do and also need to work on my other project sometime soon. ^^; Anyways, for now, I'll try to see what I can come up with and try to be on time if not early with the updates..
Once again, it has been too long since I updated this portion. Well, I guess there is some news. As of the next issue and so forth, I will only do the lineart of the pages along with using tones to shade the pages in the future. This means that there will be no solid color or shades with the exception of the eyes and other aspects I choose to color. This is to help me speed production with my new version of LC, which is unfortunately only up to page 2 for it's #0 issue. Now that I actually have caught up on all my commissions and whatnot I am finally able to work on the comic again focusing directly on it. Also, for those of you who are interested, I am selling an artbook! It contains 160+ pages with many sketches, commissions, colored works, both seen and unseen, including a sneak peak of my comic cover for Issue #3. If you are interested, you can purchase it at . I haven't had much buyers due to the price, but it costs alot to produce in color. If it is too expensive, I am also selling it as a download for a far cheaper price, but you will need adobe reader to view it I believe. It is in .pdf format. Be warned also that the size of the document is over 400 Megs. Well, with that said, enjoy the comic! ..... If you want to that is... ^^;
It's been a while since I edited the actual news here, so here is an update for you all. I will announce that after issue 2 that the following issues as far a the webcomic will go will mainly be lineart with some value variations. I will be as minimalist as I can for issue 3 to make sure that production speeds up and that I get enough time to work on other projects as well. I have only been able to get the first page of my #0 issue finished up to now, and that is bad... So, I will be resorting to simple lineart soon, so be ready for that. In other news, I might be assisting in making another webcomic soon. I'm not sure quite yet, but I will just be a simple lineartist. I'll have more news on that later i guess. For now, here is the new page for LC Issue 2. :3
Hey everybody. I'm about to give in as far as publishing and just try out as far as self publishing. It doesn't seem too bad. Its all free, besides the 20% commission they take from each sale. Seems rather reasonable. And at least that way I can say that this comic is published. I will try to submit the original comic to see how that does. And then depending on how that does, I will continue to make the new version of the comic and start to see how that does on Anyways, I updated the comic a bit with a sketch of another page, the finished version of the previous page, and also another commission I finished as eyecandy for you all.
Hey peeps! As you all have probably seen, I gave the manga tones a shot for a page or two recently. However, I really don't like how that was looking for the most part. So, I think I will just stick with my normal style as far as the shades and colors go. As for how I draw everything else out, I'm still trying to imply a little western style comic art with some pages along with some practice pics. Also, I will try to stick mainly to the western style in my new version I am planning for LC. I am still working on a #0 issue, and if planned right, I will release it after my 2nd issue is finished. This WILL be all in color, and in hopes of publishing if all goes well, even if I have to stick to plain old newsprint paper. Anyways, so far I haven't been able to find a publisher... but if all else fails I will try to self publish this comic. But for now, I will try my best to work on this version as well as the revised version.
OK everybody.... as far as this comic goes, I am still not sure how much work I'll be doing on it. I am going to start making the remade version of it so I can start convincing comic publishers to help me out. I am really getting serious about this comic, and if I submit the early pages of this comic, I am unsure how many people would actually accept Lunatic Chaos. SO, I am currently creating the comic again from the beginning, but at the same time continuing with this one. Just consider this version of the comic the rough draft of what I hope to be the final product. So for now, I'll submit my sketch of the next page. Sorry guys...
Phew..... finally an on-time update.... My laptop seems to be dying on me. My warrantee ran out on it after having it repaired 4 times.... now the problem seems to be in the AC Adapter port. I think there's a fried circuit in there after what my friends told me. So for now, I'm working on the regular PC again.... and it's hard to manage any time on this thing with everyone taking it over. Well.... hopefully things will get better as I try to get a new laptop.... anyways, Page 38 of issue 2 is now up.
Hey everyone! So with school kicking my ass nearly everyday, and me working on commissions and such, I decided to at least put something up here. For today I put up my 3 page mini comic commission of a girl from an episode of Aladdin transforming into a jackal. This made me realize how hard it is to work in just plain black and white rather than grayscale or color. Man... I gotta hand it to those who work like this. There is a lot of precise work involved here. Anyways, I'll try to get to the comic before the end of today. Sorry again for the very long delay.
Well, I have to apologize for not updating in the longest time. It has been difficult to even think up a good plot nowadays due to school kicking my ass, working on other pics, dealing with life in general. I'm sorry for the long wait everyone, but I'm only human. I have decided to not quit on this comic. I will continue it as much as I possibly can. HOWEVER, I will also be working on a whole new project as well. A remade, fully colored version of Lunatic Chaos. If you want to see a preview of the cover, check it out on my dA page. But yeah, mentally I have been overloaded, stressed, and whatnot, so my apologies to everyone. Anyways, page 33 is now finally up. Sorry its not much at all, but at least its a sign that I am indeed working on the comic. I will slowly incorporate a new style into the comic until everyone is comfortable, but for now it will still seem like the same old style. Well, that's all for now.
Hey everybody! Once again, I've been falling behind with deadlines and such, and for that I apologize. I was supposed to have this 2nd issue finished by this time of year, but I keep getting held back by artblocks, replanning, etc. However, I will continue to work hard on this comic and won't stop anytime soon, so keep watching for new updates. :3 Also, if you are interested I am doing commission work for a fee. If you want more information, read my journal at .

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